Petits Farcis

petits farcis n. [p(ə)ti; its/ fahr-see]

1. A traditional Niçois delicacy of roasted
stuffed vegetables

petits farcis n. [p(ə)ti; its/ fahr-see]

2. An unforgettable experience of
Niçoise cuisine and culture

Nice has a unique Mediterranean cooking style, influenced by Provence and nearby Italy. Our hands-on cooking classes, street food tours, and pastry classes delve into the rich culture and history of Nice, one of the most beautiful cities in France and the world. Food writer and longtime cooking teacher Rosa Jackson and her friendly team of local experts will introduce you to the best food and wine that the city has to offer.

Classes take place at the Les Petits Farcis cooking studio at 12 rue Saint Joseph in the Old Town of Nice, a five-minute walk from the Cours Saleya market.

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