• Vegetarian cooking course


  • Bring an inventive touch to mostly organic, seasonal ingredients
  • Discover some little-known or recently popularized vegetables and their nutritional properties
  • Learn to create a complete and inexpensive meal without meat
  • Reduce your kitchen waste by using every edible part of the plant

From root to leaf

We all know that we should eat more vegetables, but it’s not always easy to go beyond the ordinary. In this vegetarian cooking class, based on a vegetable basket supplied by a local farmer or the nearby market, you will learn to improvise with seasonal vegetables while minimizing waste.

Rediscover vegetables that have fallen out of (or recently come into) fashion, such as kale, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip, white radish, romanesco broccoli, pink or yellow beetroot, or parsley root.

Using spices, herbs, legumes (such as white or black beans, chickpeas and green or red lentils), a variety of oils (perhaps sesame, pistachio, walnut or cameline), dried fruits, nuts, and some simple techniques, you’ll bring a touch of glamour to the most humble vegetables.

A cooking teacher since 2003 with a diploma in dietary counselling from Dublin’s Institute of Health Sciences, Rosa will also discuss the nutritional properties of the various ingredients.

Learn, with Rosa’s guidance, to prepare dishes that are easy to reproduce at home, and enjoy them in her beautiful studio. We will e-mail you the recipes after the class.


  • Four to eight people
  • Four to six dishes will be prepared

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